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Banquet announcement

As posted to the Taruith list by shanith:

Yet reigns there still

in Doriath beyond his will

the Grey King and immortal Queen.

No evil in their realm is seen;

no power their might can yet surpass:

there still is laughter and green grass,

there leaves are lit by the white sun,

and many marvels are begun.


The 2010 Taruithorn Banquet will be held on Saturday February 13 in the fair elven realm of Doriath (which rather fortunately, for one night only, is accessible by North Oxford Community Centre, Diamond Place, Oxford, OX2 7DP).


Join us for an afternoon, evening and night of happy feasting, gentle revelling, beautiful costumes, traditional society songs and Middle-Earth dances. Entry includes afternoon nibbles, an evening banquet of many hand-crafted courses, mulled wine, mead and other drinks of many flavours. The hall will be suitably decorated and lit to suit the realm where Luthien's white feet once danced.

The banquet will open at 2pm. Carriages (boats, eagles etc.) at midnight-ish.



Ticket prices will be confirmed but will not vary by more than a pound or two from the following. No need to pay now - we'll pester you for money when the price is confirmed!

£15 for adults who are current (paid) members of Taruithorn
£20 for adults who are not current (paid) members of Taruithorn
£5 for children above the age of 5

We look forward to seeing many of you there. While the hall is large, it is likely that demand will outstrip supply. Tickets will be on a first-come first-served basis, although we will be giving priority to members, ex-members and their partners/children. The closing date for entries is the end of term, also known as Saturday 5 December 2009. [1]

With kind regards and warm anticipation,
The Banquet Committee

PS Please circulate this email to interested parties no longer on this mailing list!

[1] If you'd like to come but won't know till the last minute if you can make it, email us and we'll work something out
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