wellinghall (wellinghall) wrote in taruithorn_int,

Taruithorn International

At last night's (excellent!) Taruithorn banquet last night, the idea of a Taruithorn International group was discussed, to keep old members of Taruithorn in touch with each other and with the current society. I volunteered (!) to set up an LJ group and a Facebook group for this.

Please join, and please tell your friends about the groups!
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Ooh, nice idea, hello ;-)

Oh, and if anyone reading this doesn't know who I am from my lj ident, I'm the mother of the baby dwarf at last night's banquet (frodo_lad) and his beardless older brother (prince_eldarion) ;-) skordh is my husband.
Thank you, Polly. And hello :-)

For those who don't know me, I was the one in a DJ compereing the costume competitions!